Monday, March 28, 2011

Ive been busy

I have been very busy in the studio lately and if you are a fan on facebook you have seen me unveil a few new projects in the photo albums. I have finally found a moment to update all my readers about my new items.

International Babylost Mother's Day (IBLMD) is quickly approaching and I wanted to make a few little items for the local mamas for this very special day. First I came up with these lovelies. Ive re purposed baby food jars to be a little lantern. {candle not included} I frosted the glass to say IBLMD. I added a wire hanger for easy carrying and display. It came out even better than I anticipated. There are so many ways to display your candle as well. I have been able to use them filled with waterand using a floating candle. It also looks quite lovely filled with sand to be used as a base for your candle. Your imagination is the limit as to how many ways you can use this candle holder. These lovelies can also be used as a mini vase.

I also came up with memory stones. Back when I was taking my lamase class when I was pregnant with Genesis, they asked us to give bring in something that to give to our partners that would represent something they would offer us when this new baby arrives. I found a yellow stone. I knew it was perfect. Yellow was the color theme of the nursery and the stone represented strength and a solid foundation. Years later, after the loss of my baby and through a divorce, I still had this stone. It still held a special place for me. I decided to decorate it so that it looked as special as it was to me. I placed words that reminded me of my daughter and words that have had an impact on my life since she left. The pink heart represents her beautiful soul. I thought these memory stones would be beautiful keepsakes for others as well. They can be made into inspiration stones as well. Filled with words of encouragement and inspiration for those that need a lift in life.
And last but not least, I have created a Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness magnet sets. Again, these were made to include as small gifts to the BLMs that are going to attend our local IBLMD picnic but wanted to make these available to the general public as well. I was inspired by Carly Marie's IBLMD flowers and created my own version to include in these sets. They come in metal tins with a slide top. It's a set of 3 magnets. The sets are pictured to the right and you have your choice of 3rd magnet to complete your set {see below}.
The bubble magnets came out so cute! I just had to share them all with you. This one is my favorite set:
This set includes magnets with the sayings "My Baby", "You are a Beautiful mother" and "Love always." I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. And I thought I would mention that all proceeds of any sales on this blog, as well as Names On The Sidewalk, go towards either the purchase of memory boxes to donate to local hospitals or is donated to Duke University to further the research of neural tube defects.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Some exciting news!

I am very excited to share with you all that Walk To Remember Los Angeles now has an esty shop! I have been working hard with Cassie to get this up and running. We are happy to share that Walk To Remember Los Angeles is offering a Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Ribbon friendship bracelet! You can't get these bracelets anywhere else.
Check out our store for a more detailed description. But basically they come is 4 styles, with black or white backgrounds and with pastel or bright ribbons. These are handmade with lots of love and absolutely beautiful. All purchases are considered a tax deductible donation to Walk To Remember Los Angeles. And of course all the funds donated to WTRLA will go towards helping hurting families. But seriously, these are beautiful. The photos don't do them justice. International Babylost Mother's Day is just around the corner.What a beautiful gift this would make. It's a fantastic way for you to show your support for any BLM you know.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The reason behind it all

Today is my sweet Genesis' Angelversary. Today marks 4 years since she made me a mommy. This life of a BLM is so very hard to describe, but sadly, you all can understand. These past 4 years have felt like a lifetime, and yet it felt like it arrived here in the blink of an eye. Such a complicated thing to explain. I miss her so very much. Please if you would, take a moment to remember this most special little girl who was very much wanted. Who is very much missed. And who is very much loved and remembered. She is my inspiration for Names On The Sidewalk, Written From the Heart, and so much more. Thank you all for your love and support.