About Us

Written With Love originally started as a way to be able to keep in touch with all my BLM (babylost mama) friends. I wanted an address book dedicated to just them. Where I could keep their contact information to be able to send them little things on special days. I wanted to keep track of important dates for them as well as notes about what reminds them of their lost children. But I didn't want just any address book, it had to be the perfect address book. One that was made with as much love that we have for our babies and each other.

I quickly realized I was not the only one who was looking for such a special book. So I made these available to the public as well. I personalize address books with things that remind you of your lost child or anything else you would like. Its a keepsake to treasure for years to come.

Then I got to thinking, sadly there are 2000 women a day that join this this awful babylost club, due to pregnancy & infant loss just in the US alone, and most of them will not know any BLMs yet. So this gave birth to the idea of making personalized journals. Those first few days, weeks, months are so very difficult and journaling is so very healing. And sadly with time, our memory of the smallest of details may begin to fade. And what a wonderful thing it is to go back to your journal entries and remember everything about the time you had with your child. It really is a priceless keepsake. Journaling is also very therapeutic as unfortunately most BLMs don't find very many people to talk to about their children, except each other. Pregnancy & infant loss is a taboo subject, unfortunately. I await the day its spoken of as fondly as we remember our lost grandparents and their fresh baked cookies.

Since establishing Written With Love, I have been inspired to create even more projects. I am now offering tea light holders which can double as mini vases. You can fill them with water and use floating candles, place sand as the base for your candle... the options are limitless. These are frosted jars that are customizable to say pretty much any word or phrase or even initials you would like. The options for decor are limitless. I personally love decorating with dragonflies as they remind me of Genesis. All jars are equipped with wire handles for easy handling and to hang if desired.

I have also come up with the idea for memory stones. Back when I was taking my lamase class when I was pregnant with Genesis, they asked us to give bring in something that to give to our partners that would represent something they would offer us when this new baby arrives. I found a yellow stone. I knew it was perfect. Yellow was the color theme of the nursery and the stone represented strength and a solid foundation. Years later, after the loss of my baby and through a divorce, I still had this stone. It still held a special place for me. I decided to decorate it so that it looked as special as it was to me. I placed words that reminded me of my daughter and words that have had an impact on my life since she left. The pink heart represents her beautiful soul. I am offering these to you as well. Its a precious keepsake to remember your child by. You can pick up to 8 words to be written on the stones along with your choice of heart color. These can also be made as inspiration stones. Words of encouragement and inspiration can be used as well to provide visual support for loved ones.

These make wonderful gifts for anyone you may know who has suffered a pregnancy and/or infant loss. Most of my items come with the initials BLM but everything is customizable. I also offer these to those who have not suffered a loss, but my BLM friends, and of course my stillborn daughter Genesis, inspired the idea. To read  more about Genesis click the tab to the right for her blog. To see how I honor the babies of other BLMs click on the 'Names On The Sidewalk' tab.

Written From The Heart was given this name because the notes of a BLM are always from the heart. Whether it be journal entries or a thoughtful card to another fellow BLM. Our hearts are overflowing with love...the love we were supposed to be sharing with our babies.