Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some new beauties!

I've been hard at work thinking of a new project to offer and I finally came up with it a few weeks ago. Only this weekend was I able to actually sit down and bring my idea to life. I introduce to you Glitter Globes!

 For this beauty I fist made the heart ornament and strung a star charm in it. I thought it would be a lovely symbol of love and hope... you know, like wishing on a star ;) Then I had to come up with the right base. I molded a base with the words "dream", "hope" and "love." Here are close ups of the words.

They are dusted with bronze luminous powder and gently glittered with silver glitter. Finally once all put together, the base of the jar was wrapped in wire.
Set this beauty in a special place and shake it a bit. Watch the glittery specks dance in this most magical jar. Put it in the path of sunlight and it has an even more magical display.

Also I wanted to share with you the newest ornament to join the family. 
The pregnancy & infant loss survivor ribbon. I have gently dusted this piece to give it a slight purple glow to it. It's simply magical in person. This can be customized with dates, initials, words or other phrases. It can also be made as a wall mount, a hanging ornament and with a magnet to hang on  your fridge. I hope you enjoy my newest projects. Until next time!

Monday, June 20, 2011

New stuff!

I wanted to share with you all a new project of mine. Ive been inspired by the works of other BLMs and of course Genesis and have put together some artwork to create cards and other printed art pieces of the sort. Id like for you to check out my gallery of artwork here. But here is a peak of a couple of my favorite pieces so far. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. {please do not copy these images. If you would like to purchase them please follow the above link}

I have also added the shop to the left <--- in the banner where you can preview my other work as well.

I also wanted to share that I have opened my own Etsy Shop with all my little projects I have been working on. Check out some of my favorites.
Healing Stone

Tranquility Stone Set
Custom Ornament
I have also added a banner for my Etsy Shop to the left <--- as well.

All my projects give me so much joy when making them. I make them for Genesis, for my BLM sisters, for your babies and to bring us all just a little peace. I hope my work does this for you as well. And just a reminder that all proceeds from any of my sales go towards funding memory boxes for bereaved parents so that no parent has to leave the hospital with empty arms.