Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A cheery book

I just finished up yet another lovely address book {if I do say so myself :)} This lovely BLM really had no preference as to the design or colors or really anything. What she did let me know though was that this book was going to be her everyday address book, not just for her BLM friends. So she preferred to not have it say BLM on it. I love doing books for any and everyone however it is that they want to use it. She pretty much gave me a blank slate and gave me all creative power on this book. I had to play around with a few ideas before I came up with something that I absolutely loved. The photo really doesn't do the address book justice. The fleur on this book was the blended fleur using yellow and orange. The edges were lined in silver ink. It really made the flower pop and give it a very classy look. The book was embellished with rhinestones and golden doves. It really all came together quite nicely and great for everyday use. I call this beauty 'Sunburst' because of the gold and yellow/orange tones and the cheery vibe it gives off. I just know this special friend will love this!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some New Lovelies

Hello All!

I wanted to share with you the new beauties that have been added to the fleur gallery.
Newspaper Fleur
Newspaper Fleur lined in silver

Rainbow Fleur
Blended Fleur

I hope you enjoy these lovelies. They are so much fun to make!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Newest Address Book

I'm back with another post of a lovely address book I made for an even lovelier BLM.  This beauty is called "Warm Breeze". It's covered in recycled paper and you may recognize that little birdie from "Glittery Bird" (that little bird seems to be a favorite). This lovely BLM just gave me some colors and ideas to work with and this is what I came up with.

I thought I would share a little about how the covered books are made. Once I have found the right piece of recycled paper I have to fold the paper to fit the book exactly. I then trim any excess paper and make sure its all even. I have to do this sometimes up to 5 or more times to get it just right. Then I have to glue it to the desired book. This takes a lot of patience. The glue has to be spread evenly and just the right amount. To add to that, I must work quickly as the glue sometimes makes certain papers a bit soggy. I must fit it exactly on to the book and make sure that it fits like a glove both opened and closed. Once again it takes a few attempts to make sure the fit is just perfect.

Then immediately after it is fitted I go through a serious of different steps to ensure the paper is flat with no air bubbles or bulges of glue. Again, I must go through these steps several times to make sure everything is perfect. Then I let it dry over night and in the morning its ready to be decorated!

I hope you enjoy this address book as much as I enjoyed making it.